JFK once asked, What kind of a peace do we seek?

I too believe that the topic of peace is the most important one on Earth. It matters how we get there. It matters how we maintain it. And it matters how we learn and then teach others about this, especially the young.

My immediate role since 2021 has been to investigate Minnesota elections. And, after learning the challenges, to then communicate a path toward county and precinct level voter registration, voter validation, tabulation, and reporting. That decentralized system removes the power from the centralized state, non-governmental organizations, and corporations which currently manage things, all too often to the people's detriment.

Machine free voting, with an ID, on election day, with paper ballots counted by humans meets the above standard.

Learn about Minnesota elections by reading [S]elections in Minnesota, by visiting Project Minnesota or through the weekly Midwest Seeds newsletter.

Another role is helping authors write, market, and publish their books. Whether you need a coach, an editor, or a helping hand getting your book into readers hands, I can help. Together, history is being rewritten through stories like yours and the changes inspired in those who read them.

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