You have an idea in mind that could become a book.

So do many people.

Is it time to put it on paper?

The first meeting with me is exploratory and complementary. Oftentimes authors will get what they need and be off to the races without any further assistance needed. (That is good! Self-reliance is great.)

Else, that first conversation is for discovery. Before we begin, what prep needs to be done by you? By me? This can be done by email and perhaps another phone call or two.

One output could be a 12-week "work-in-progress" plan to follow together. If things are still going well in the first week after our first meeting, then we can mutually decide to proceed.

What does this cost?

Book/project coaching - $369 paid monthly

What you get:

Editing: Feel free to submit multiple pages to be read, but I will choose 1 to edit, which includes margin questions as well as line-level comments. Seeing how I edit will lead to improving your craft as well as the ability to self-edit.

Conversation: Bring anything to discuss! Can do in person or over video call or phone.

Email with checkpoints: By listening to you, I will provide the support, encouragement, and tools you need at the right moments for measured accountability toward your goals.

Having said that, every creative project, whether the output it is a book, a blog, or a board game, is different. And what I've seen working alongside over 100 authors is that every author or creator brings their own gifts to the table. Which means every relationship between each of you and me will differ based on what works best for both of us and the project. In other words, everything is adaptable to make the journey a success!